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It’s been a busy summer, but I’m not complaining. The Hermit Thrush haven’t scooted south yet, the sun still warms my skin. Maybe I wish I had a little more time, but who doesn’t?

I’ve been hard at work on final edits on my YA fantasy “Fairless.”  I participated on a Twitter pitch fest a few weeks ago and now I have an editor over at Entangled Publishing waiting to read it. Yay, me!

If you have a finished story, whether it’s YA, MG or Adult in any genre ready to pitch, you really need to head over to She’s hosting a Pitch Wars. Here’s the deets:

“What is Pitch Wars? Is it another contest? Oh, no, it’s so much better. Pitch Wars is a contest where published/agented authors, editors, or industry interns choose one writer each, read their entire manuscript, and offer suggestions to shine it up for agents. The mentors also critique the writer’s pitch to get it ready for the agent round. Writers send applications (query and first chapter of manuscript) to the four mentors that best fit their work. The mentors then read all their applications and choose the writer they want to mentor for the next two months. Then we hold an agent round with over a dozen agents making requests.”

Pretty cool, right? And once the Pitch Wars are done, they have an agent round to be held November 3-4 where you can pitch that polished, dandy manuscript to an agent/editor and maybe, hopefully, find publication! Yay, us!

In the meantime, I’m also working on shifting blogs from wordpress to my author site at  Time to make more time.  It looks like this site, but to “follow” my blog and receive my posts, you need to enter your email and subscribe.

I hope you are all enjoying these wonderful days of Summer. I hope you are smiling, reading, swimming, writing and loving on your families.

I wish you all the best!




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How do we authors support each other?

Are we heeding the cry for platform and scrambling for exposure? Are we pushing to be heard? Are we working so hard to be discovered that we’re willing to step on other authors to get there first?

How do we support each other? Can we read each other’s books?  Maybe promote them on our blogs? Like their Facebook pages? Re-tweet their tweets?

How, in this crowded, noisy internet-world, can one person make a difference?


We are more than we think! As mothers, fathers, young or old, we all know people waiting, wanting, willing to hear about a new book, one that’s captured us and won’t let go.

So, what can you do today? Is there an author you can support?


I’d like to shine my little light on author Judith Post. She’s been a blogging buddy for a few years now. She writes and publishes paranormal urban fiction. Her wonderful books can be found on Goodreads, Amazon, WordPress, Facebook, Twitter (@judypost), Author Website.

Judy writes urban fantasy. Here’s the back cover blurb from one of her books, Fallen Angels:

fallen angles

Enoch should have let Caleb join Lucifer. Instead, he’d wrestled Caleb to the ground and held him there until the rebellion was over. He’d saved his friend from the pit, but he couldn’t save him from himself. Caleb still denounced everything Enoch held dear, and he was cast to Earth in punishment. Without the Light, Caleb wastes away, until he discovers a new life force—human blood. Worse yet, each mortal he drains is infected with his immortality, creating a race of vampires. Enoch is responsible for Caleb’s mess, so Enoch’s sent to Earth to clean it up. He walks the night, hunting and destroying vampires, trying to protect mortals. And he’ll be stuck among mortals until Caleb repents and returns Home….which doesn’t seem likely.

But when Caleb’s hordes come to town as Enoch is trying to hunt down a vicious serial killer, Enoch finds himself trapped in an eternal battle with his former friend as he tries to protect the people of Three Rivers from threats both human and not.


Reviews from Goodreads on this book:

“Love, Love, Love it!!! This book is a paranormal cross between Criminal Minds and Law and Order without the court scenes.

Enoch stopped his fellow angel Caleb when he wanted to follow Lucifer.They are both on Earth as a punishment. Caleb is using his time on earth to create vampires for his entertainment and Enoch is here to control the vampires that turn rogue,ones who feed from humans. While on a hunt for a rogue Enoch befriends a cop who is trying to catch a serial killer. This will not only bring him further into the mortal world but will ultimately lead to a battle between him and Caleb.

The author does an excellent job developing each character as the story unfolds. She drew me in with the many twists and turns to this story. I did not want to put it down! I will be waiting for her next installment!!”


“Judith reinvents the Vampire mythology and it works. A good blending of urban fantasy and crime drama. That the book picks up speed in the second half doesn’t seem unusual since Judith invests the time to put us inside Enoch, Caleb and their world. The prologue detailing a vampire’s morning had me hooked. Judith’s risk pays off by weaving a rich narrative. By book’s end we are committed to these characters and want to visit their world again.”



I’d like to dedicate this post to Judy. She’s been my inspiration- my road map as I progress down this author’s road. Judy freely shares her insights on her blog and supports other writers by re-tweeting their blog posts. She’s one of my most consistent followers and commentators. I hope you enjoy her books as much as I have.

Happy reading!






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What are you reading today? A novel? A post? A Tweet?

How important is it to dedicate time each day to read? Crucial? Kindof? Meh?

If you don’t read, where do you find inspiration to write? How do you support other writers? How do you grow as an author when you don’t take in words, thoughts, ideas that can lead you down new paths?



Imagine, the adventures that await. The characters ready to jump from the pages and all you need to do is sit. And crack open that book. And read.

And so, I ask again, what are you reading today?



I’ve discovered an incredible new adult novel called The Story of Awkward by R.K. Ryals. I can’t put it down! Here’s the blurb:

A poignantly humorous, whimsical new adult fairytale romance with a twist inspired by true events. Embrace your awkward. Be unique. Change your fairytale…

I’m a sucker for fairytales.

Happy reading!




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I attended my first writer’s conference five years ago. Picture an eager, wanna-be author, sitting in a hot, crowded auditorium surrounded by hundreds of like-minded souls, all dutifully taking notes on all those necessary steps to publication.  Ah, the information! The sage advice! Ah, the desperation in the room as the other writers scouted out the other writers and ran the numbers.

Just how many of these poor souls will ever find an agent, must less a publisher?

As expected, a good portion of the conference focused on platform-building and social media. I remember one of the guest speakers saying something to the effect of “No blog, no readers. No readers, no money” and so I rushed home, flushed with new knowledge and launched my first blog.

Which did okay. I learned how to follow others and developed a “following.” I made friends, some I’ve kept in touch with through Facebook when I let that blog dwindle to nothing. I never really got the “point.” These? These quick silly posts were supposed to garner readership? How, even?

Flash forward a few years, and I’m still writing, still aiming for publication, still learning how to market myself, but now I have some perspective on blogging. I think I get it now, so please allow me to share five things I know now I wished I knew five years ago.

1) Know your target audience. Who are you writing posts for? Somewhere along the way, it struck me – blogging isn’t about ME — it’s about YOU, the reader. What am I sharing that adds value to your busy day?

2) Content is King. I enjoy writing for other writers, so how can I support them? What links, tips and support can I offer? What snappy post is going to click with them?

3) If Content is King, then Consistency is Queen. I’ve always piddled with posting, waiting for inspiration to strike (which usually came on a Tuesday just after dinner.) Finding a balance is tricky-we’re all busy, I get it! But setting a doable schedule and sticking to it builds trust with readership. It shows them you are in it for the long haul. Which leads me to number 4.

4) Be in it for the long haul. Make a commitment and see it through. I’ve been redeveloping this site, fine tuning as I go to fend off the blahs. I’m Letting others know I’m trying to give them the best of Sue!

5) Read and leave comments on other bloggers sites. I try to be consistent and respectful. I want to give what I want in return: friendship, support and trust.

I hope these tidbits help. Got something to add? Great! I’d love to hear from you! We’re in this together.

Happy Writing-