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Judy’s Bumpy Road to Publication….

Hi, all!  Sue has been a blogging/writing friend of mine for a while now.  I admire her work, so when she asked me to write a guest blog about my publishing journey, I squirmed, because I’m sure NO ONE has … Continue reading

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giving a shout out and a little love…

My dear friend and fellow blogger AshiAkira is publishing a book of his wonderful haiku poems. I met him seven years ago when I was a baby blogger. All those years and he’s never stopped writing and sharing his amazing gift. … Continue reading

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A Pitch War you shouldn’t miss and Sue’s new blog…

image credit: pixabay.com It’s been a busy summer, but I’m not complaining. The Hermit Thrush haven’t scooted south yet, the sun still warms my skin. Maybe I wish I had a little more time, but who doesn’t? I’ve been hard … Continue reading

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A Rebel with a Cause…

Image credit: pixabay.com I’ve always approached editing as a linear progression. Roll up my sleeves and start at page one, word one and sweep through the manuscript, cleaning up chapter by chapter as I go. And it works, for the … Continue reading

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An open letter from a reader to an author…

image credit: pixabay.com Dear author, Books are words in motion. Stories vividly told take me to worlds unknown. They let me fall in love, make me hate, sweep my emotions to the highest heights or darkest places. I read to … Continue reading

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Why I love, love, love….Wattpad!

  image credits: pixabay.com Most authors have a favorite social media site. For some, it’s blogging. For others it may be Facebook, Twitter, or even Pinterest. For me, it’s Wattpad. With the crazy my life has become, I’ve little time … Continue reading

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A new post over at my author site!

I know, it was the exclamation point that caught you, right? It’s been a while since I’ve posted. Sorry! Too much life! In light of keeping it simple for old Sue, I’d like to invite you to visit my website … Continue reading

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A Plot for Panster-Sue…

  image credits: pixabay.com If you’ve been around writing long enough, you know all about the labels of plotters and pansters. Some of you proudly embrace your title. Others refuse to be categorized as either. Some lucky ones have figured out … Continue reading

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a simple challenge from Sue…

 image credit: pixabay.com I’m back, refreshed from my computer/social media break. For six whole days, I relied on my cell phone only to check emails and read blog posts. For six days, I wasn’t glued to the one-eyed monster. I … Continue reading

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A snippet from Drift…

This is an excerpt from last year’s failed NaNo novel. But failure is relative, as I’ve continued to plot and love this ya story. And just to give you bearings, the “I” is True Spencer, a 17-year-old girl living on … Continue reading

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