An open letter from a reader to an author…


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Dear author,

Books are words in motion. Stories vividly told take me to worlds unknown. They let me fall in love, make me hate, sweep my emotions to the highest heights or darkest places.

I read to lose myself. To shove my daily worries aside so I can breathe again. No more family worries. No more teenager stress or financial woes. For the time that book is cracked open and sometimes long after it’s closed, I’m free.

Each story is unique. Each one has potential. I root for every book I endeavor to read.

Nothing disappoints me more than a story that doesn’t reach that potential. Sometimes I press ahead, determined to discover the golden nuggets buried within. I act as an invisible editor, sweeping all those “murmured, mumbles” confusing POV shifts away so I can continue. So I can finish what I’ve begun.

Sad when a story suddenly deflates, leaving me with no choice but to close the book for good. Tragic when a decent editor could’ve helped that author keep that story on track.

So, as a reader, I beg you… move mountains for me. Cast characters that my heart absorbs right off the page. Give me imagery so compelling it lingers long after I’m done. But please, please don’t bore me.

I promise I’m on your side.


A reader


a dozen tiny questions…



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Are you free today? Are you bursting with creativity, eager to put pen to paper? Do you have words ready to burst forth and become a story, a scene, a character?



Or are you facing a major re-write and the words are slipping through your fingers? Is your mind locked on the minutiae while the plot is falling apart? Do you find yourself sitting at your computer, head in hands, dreading the task before you?

So, what can you accomplish today? A plot outline? A chapter re-write? If not, can you re-write a scene, a sentence, a few words?

Do you understand who you are at this minute and can you accept there’s a time to push and a time to nurture?



Where ever you are, I hope you find inspiration and support to continue

your writer’s journey. We’re all in this together. Care to share what helps you tackle obstacles?

Cheers to all of you-


Pale legs and mismatched socks…


 I’m too old for these shoes, or so I”ve been told. But I am who I am. 

Pale legs and mismatched socks and all.

So, let’s get all the shameless self-promotion out of the way first. My last post revealed I have no qualms begging for readers. For consistency’s sake, here are the links to my wattpad account:


Get used to it. You’ll probably see them again.


Now that you’re all caught up, we can resume discussing the topic at hand. Which is just how in hell do you find readers? Where are they?  You know, the ones who love to curl up with a good book and a glass of wine and they’re NOT thinking…

hmmm, this sentence structure is weak. And the character bites her lip over and over again… and what’s with that description. Do eyes really “flick”?

How do we cultivate readers who read for the love of reading and expect nothing in return except entertainment?

I’ll be honest. I don’t know.

But I do know I’m asking the right question. Because the search for the elusive reader is important. Bag one and you can build a base. Bag a dozen and you’ve got momentum. (Maybe I should quit using this metaphor. It’s creeping me out.)

Like the photo of my little feet, I suspect brutal honesty is involved. Be yourself. Be transparent. Build relationships. And most of all, honor the reader by only submitting the best material you’ve got.

So… care to share your thoughts?