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I’m back, refreshed from my computer/social media break. For six whole days, I relied on my cell phone only to check emails and read blog posts. For six days, I wasn’t glued to the one-eyed monster. I have to admit, I missed some things… others, not so much.

This quality Sue-break gave me some perspective. There’s a ton of pressure on authors, both to write and build a platform that requires extensive computer time! Argh! (right?!).

Just how do you find time to work on your novel when you haven’t posted and you need to update your Facebook page and Twitter and Instagram


We authors aren’t machines. We’re creative souls and creativity needs nurturing to thrive. And so, I challenge you to do as I did last week. Take a sabbatical. Take a break from social media and recharge. Perhaps you’ll find inspiration or work out that stubborn plot twist (like I did). Perhaps you’ll discover the simple joy of jotting notes on a piece of paper (again like I did.)

For sure you’ll gain perspective on how many hours you spend on a computer… and how important it is to unplug and recharge that precious creative spirit.

Wishing you all the best of weeks!











9 thoughts on “a simple challenge from Sue…

  1. I took a “forced” sabbatical 2 weeks ago when the mountain cabin I booked for spring break had no WiFi…What the heck? There was indoor plumbing and a hot tub, I assumed it wasn’t THAT monastical. There was even satellite TV! I guess I expected internet service just as I expected electricity and scenic views…Wrong!
    But, I did have my blog cued up on auto-pilot for posting that week, and after the first couple of skin-crawling-itchy-all-over days, I kinda liked it!
    One week of “different” activity was enough to reset my brain and recharge my immune system (just in time–that Notre Dame/ Kentucky game may have done me in otherwise!). Now I feel calmer midst the constant wriggling of my life, and keep hearing a whisper next to my ear “all is well.” It’s nice 🙂


    1. I can’t believe they didn’t tell you about the no wifi thing- but then again maybe you had less withdrawal jitters because they forgot to mention it!
      Sounds like a great way to jump start your creativity. I wish I didn’t find social media so draining. I love the connections I make but I also miss just pure old fashioned writing time!
      I’m glad you are calmer. Just keep listening to that little voice. Sounds like the right words to believe!

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  2. This is an excellent idea. Actually, I’ve been secretly contemplating it for myself it since you said you were going on sabbatical. That said, I’ve spent so little time writing blogs or updating anything over the past few weeks it feels a bit like a sabbatical anyhow.

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  3. I can only agree with you Sue! I’m glad you found it so relaxing and helpful.
    I’m just back from my break as well. Though it was a half break, I kept on posting the posts (half of them were scheduled.) But still it was a relief to have my brains concentrating only on one thing at a time. I guess I’ll be taking a week off net every month or so, so that I can concentrate on writing.
    Great article Sue! Thanks for the helpful advise ❤


      1. HAhahah! Yea… that is the thing with social media. You think of just checking the notifications and then end up spending an hour or two (literally) sharing, retweeting and interacting… it really is fun and for the same reason a major distraction!
        I’ve decided to keep my wifi off while writing… but as they say “it’s easier said than done!”

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