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1) The Earth is round. It’s huge, beautiful and teeming with life.

2) I’m not in control. Not of destiny, not of fate. Not of my life.

3) Worry, stress and fear haven’t saved me from large calamities. They found me anyways.

4) I love my children. I hurt when they hurt, but my worry, stress and fear has done more damage than good.

5) They need tools to tackle life, and if I’m not able to provide them, I have to trust they will figure it out on their own.

6) Sometimes loving means allowing them to fail. Allowing them to feel negative feelings and learn every action and decision has a consequence.



7) I hate failure.

8) I hate disappointment.

9) I hate regret.


10) It’s never too late to learn new skills, take a new approach to life. Replace worry with trust, stress with serenity and fear with confidence. It’s time to push ahead. To show my children, I can tackle any challenge, no matter the age. I can learn and grow and change and so can they.

11) I love my two daughters, but they need wings as well as roots. My love needs to grow and morph into something new- something far beyond the limits of my imagination.


12) I have to trust this stunning world is ready to receive them.


3 thoughts on “a dozen tiny startling revelations…

  1. We have 2 daughters, too, and I have plenty of gray hairs (colored) to prove it. Raising children is not for wienies. It’s a tough, demanding job. Our older daughter rebelled–REALLY rebelled, and we had a few awful years, but both girls found their way. We were there for them, but had to give them some distance. It’s hard, but it’s necessary. Now follow YOUR dreams.

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    1. Thanks for the sage advice- I think the late teenage years are the toughest- for them and for us. Seems like my oldest is going to give me the same tough ride as yours. I know it’ll get better. I just hope it’s soon! Thanks for the encouragement too. It is time to pick up those dreams!

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