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What do you listen to when you write? Classical? Rock? Jazz?

Or do you need silence? Maybe the sounds of nature to coax the Muse out to play?


Do you listen to it loud? Do you channel your inner-teen, turn on some heavy metal, plug in some earbuds, and crank up the volume?




Or maybe you write with a cup of tea and soft music floating gently in the background?

Does music help or hurt your inspiration? Do lyrics get in the way or take you in a new and unexpected direction?

What are you listening to today–care to share?


I’ve set up playlists on my iphone – one for each story I’m currently writing. Each song means something to the story, whether it’s the lyrics or the mood of the melody.

I listen to Loreena McKennitt’s album “An Ancient Muse” while writing my Irish story, Summoned.

For Fairless, it’s the song “Flares”, by the Script, “Shatter Me” by Lindsey Stirling, and Ellie Goulding’s “Atlantis”.

For Drift, it’s music by Fall Out Boy- hard-driving, alternative rock.

And last, when I’m in the mood for mood music, I Youtube “Epic Music” and write to one of the most spectacular movie scores EVER (especially awesome for you YA fantasy writers out there).

My teenager accuses me with eye-rolls and a perpetual whiney Mooommmm that I’m treading on her toes, downloading some of these tunes. I assure her, without batting an eye that I AM! And I’m not apologizing. Not when this music inspires me to write.

Happy listening!








8 thoughts on “a dozen tiny questions…

  1. I like to listen to 90’s alternative rock on my iPod. In high school, there were certain bands and albums that helped me get to a creative place, and it’s still true now. I like to drink coffee, but usually it’s too late in the day when I write. The best for me is to hit a coffee shop for a few hours. I can sometimes knock out an entire chapter draft. My favorite place is called Vagabond Blues, it was the hangout when I was in high-school. We used to go there to listen to local musicians. It’s a place where my creativity doesn’t feel stifled. On those rare days where I feel I can take a day off, this is where I go to get some work done.


    1. Ah, the 90’s. Got Dishwalla on my playlists. Good times. The Vagabond Blued sounds like a fantastic place to write! So glad you have that. I frequent a little independent book store called “Phoenix”. Love their Guangdong tea and turkey chili soup while I write. I’m so grateful for all the music that gives me inspiration. Thanks for sharing!


    1. That’s great to hear you’re still working on your novel! The 70’s huh? Did you see the movie Guardians of the Galaxy? Best movie ever!
      Hope you share more about your story- I’d love to hear about it.


    1. I can just see you in your office- the light streaming in as you type away on your computer. I find I can draft with music, but need to edit in silence. I’m sure you aren’t in the minority at all!


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