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What are you reading today? A novel? A post? A Tweet?

How important is it to dedicate time each day to read? Crucial? Kindof? Meh?

If you don’t read, where do you find inspiration to write? How do you support other writers? How do you grow as an author when you don’t take in words, thoughts, ideas that can lead you down new paths?



Imagine, the adventures that await. The characters ready to jump from the pages and all you need to do is sit. And crack open that book. And read.

And so, I ask again, what are you reading today?



I’ve discovered an incredible new adult novel called The Story of Awkward by R.K. Ryals. I can’t put it down! Here’s the blurb:

A poignantly humorous, whimsical new adult fairytale romance with a twist inspired by true events. Embrace your awkward. Be unique. Change your fairytale…

I’m a sucker for fairytales.

Happy reading!



7 thoughts on “a dozen tiny questions…

      1. Plenty dark enough for me. No nicey-nice characters anywhere. All of me feels sorry for Quinn. Boy, I’m glad I was never a “chosen” one:) A tiny part of me feels sorry for Arden. Everyone hopes he’s doomed, that he’s just supposed to hang around and make Quinn stronger.


  1. Most of my reading time is going to be spent on exceptionally boring Fish and Game regulatory proposal materials. Not fun. My recreational reading today is mostly blog posts, though I might whip through a few more pages of Aurian and Jin (a fantasy written by a blogger I follow). When I’m not reading, my inspiration comes from the world around me. On a good day, 4 different mountain ranges come into view during my commute, this vast landscape often holds most of the inspiration I need to launch into story.


    1. Too bad about the boring stuff! But some blog posts make great reading! I’ll have to check out Aurian and Jin- sounds interesting. As to your beautiful commute- that I understand! I live in the mountains, surrounded by nature. It’s a perfect canvas for the imagination!
      Thanks for swinging by- the comment is much appreciated.


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