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Are you free today? Are you bursting with creativity, eager to put pen to paper? Do you have words ready to burst forth and become a story, a scene, a character?



Or are you facing a major re-write and the words are slipping through your fingers? Is your mind locked on the minutiae while the plot is falling apart? Do you find yourself sitting at your computer, head in hands, dreading the task before you?

So, what can you accomplish today? A plot outline? A chapter re-write? If not, can you re-write a scene, a sentence, a few words?

Do you understand who you are at this minute and can you accept there’s a time to push and a time to nurture?



Where ever you are, I hope you find inspiration and support to continue

your writer’s journey. We’re all in this together. Care to share what helps you tackle obstacles?

Cheers to all of you-



12 thoughts on “a dozen tiny questions…

  1. After weeks of edit rewrite fear, no! serious mind numbing terror! I am up, and about to go, on this white crisp fresh morning; for a walk. Not your average toodle or stroll, where saying good morning to Magpies is the hardest thing That’s endured. But a serious fourteen miler that will freeze the fear and crisp the edges of my mind; kind of walk.
    Walking the Somerset hills on bridle paths, and bike tracks, with steep inclines that burn the backs of your legs; and make the cheeks (both sets) burn. Sandi a friend who likes a morning briskie! Is coming with me. The plan is we walk my block, fear or stupid holding me back nonsensical stuff on the head. Then I bathe relax for an hour, then write, re write, edit and get it done .
    I have tried everything else, and am open to a fresh perspective. Sandi thinks , talking about it is the problem, brought on by too much sitting at a keyboard or note pad, endorphins stale with lack of serious exercise. So I will let you know on my Blog, how we did,; presuming I live. P.s. we have an application with measuring facilities, time, distance, incline, calories burned… etc. Just because we are not twenty something s , or bouncy runny types in lycra ,; really doesn’t mean it won’t be tough. So toodle pip and I hope to be back soon.


    1. I hope it works for you! Fear can be a powerful force and the mind sure can latch onto it and not let go. Try and relax- and to take the pressure off, know you won’t get it perfect the fist round. Imagine that first draft as a lump of clay. Each pass through refines your novel.

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  2. When I do rewrites, I don’t put pressure on myself. I just sit down and tell myself I’ll read through what I’ve written and see how it’s going. I don’t make myself go through any certain number of pages, but I know me. Inevitably, I find things I want to make better and polish and play with them, and eventually, the manuscript gets done.


  3. I’m in the second group you described. Now I’m sitting here with a pad of paper and pencil hoping to sketch something that will become a solution.


  4. I’ve just written a few words for my book… I’m struggling to find some kicks inspiration. I know I should just sit and write, but well I’ve been procrastinating it from last 3 months…
    I’m planning to start writing this week itself… fingers-crosses o.O


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