Where do you find inspiration? What touches you deep inside and moves you to action? Is it a poem, nature, music? How do you tackle that next dreaded round of edits, when all you want to do is sleep? Who helps you overcome every obstacle and press through to reach for your dream? Is it a friend? A loved one? A child?

Where is your heart? Can it be found in the stories you tell? The posts you write? The joke you share?

I’ll share. Here is mine…


 Even from heaven, I feel her presence. How can I not succeed?

Want to share? What inspires you?






8 thoughts on “A dozen tiny questions…

  1. My passion is in every breath that allows me to write,
    Every sigh spoke in the night.
    Each time I lay letters or words,
    Quietly listening to wind and birds.
    The skill to read and understand,
    a quiet moment, toes in the sand.
    Being around a tiny child
    Storms or sun wind that’s wild.
    life inspires the need to write
    And wakes me in a sweat deep in the night.
    By Ellen Best 2nd Feb 2015.


  2. Those are tough questions. Hard to answer. I think part comes from gritty determination inside you. Sometimes, I’m a bit driven. Part comes from my writer friends who bug me if I slack off. And some comes from characters and plot lines that pester me if I don’t listen to them. It’s a combination of things. When one fails, the other kicks in.


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