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I’ve been a YA junky for years. I’ll admit it, I’ll be brave and come clean–it began with the Twilight saga. Ah, the pathos, the passion, the drama! Bella? Who cares. But Edward? A heavy sigh says it all.

I’m no spring chicken, so I was never sure if it was okay to like YA. When I’d go to the library, I’d scope out the young adult section and make sure no teens were hulking around before performing a snatch and grab. I could justify my selection to the librarians-we live in a small town. They know I have two teenagers.

But when I got home, I kept those books for myself.

First came the Matched series, then Graceling, Bitterblue, and Fire followed. Next came my all time favorite- Divergent. A pattern emerged and I began to ask what was it about these books that pulled me in? And what kept me reading when I could barely find enough energy to keep my eyes open?

I asked and the answers came. I love the drama of an underdog’s fight. Give me an understated hero or heroine. Let me, Simple Nobody Sue, fight the good fight and win. Let me be young again, misunderstood and struggling to learn. Let me change the world.

So I read YA. I read and I write it and I love it.

Now when I enter my local library, I head straight for the YA section without shame and search for that next book that will take me to a fantasy world, or give me another unforgettable heroine to add to my list of favorites.

And maybe, hopefully someday, one of my books will line that shelf, just waiting for a reader to cherish it as much as I’ve cherished the others.

Happy (YA) reading!





4 thoughts on “Why YA?

  1. Awww… you are so adorable Sue! I respect you for standing up for what you like and being brave enough to accept it. I love YA too and I’m gonna read them till I die! 🙂
    It’s our choice and we can read whatever we want! No one is supposed to judge us, and if they do then just let them be! Who cares! 😉
    Great going dear! ❤


    1. Ya is the best, am I right?! I think I judge myself harder because I’m older and have teenagers. They expect me to be the grown up and have grown up tastes! I think I’m turning them around though.
      Thanks for the sweet comment- we ya-ers need to stick together!

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