I may not look this old, but sometimes I feel it…

Okay. A disclaimer first. I’m a writer, so I SHOULD be reading, but with a poor little writer’s brain on overload, I find myself flipping on the tv and scoping out movies instead. And that rocking chair just comes a calling every night around 8:00, you know? I justify this action with the incredible characters that have recently charged from the big screen and seared themselves into my memory.

Like Griffin (yup, a clip from youtube and soooooo worth a peek. Just come back now, ya hear?)  from MIB III. What a lovable, memorable guy! I was bored or grossed out through most of the flick, until that little overdressed, quirky alien stepped on screen. Then it was WHAMMY! I was in love! I stopped rocking and studied him, listening to his phrasing and digging deeper to discover just what made him tick. Mostly, I found myself asking Just how in the hell do I write a character as sympathetic and alluring as this guy?

Today, I decided to do a little “Throw back Saturday”. I know, it’s “Throw back Thursday” but I’m a writer. I’m allowed to make things up. I flipped on youtube and typed in Bugs Bunny. Ah, the memories. Watching good old Bugs take on a bull (this is part one. Here is part two). And again, I was struck with the purity of Bug’s character. So smooth, so suave, so damned amazing! I don’t only wish I could write this character, I wish I could BE this character. Can you imagine how easy life would be if you could face every obstacle with such confidence? Such creativity and fearlessness?

Some writers are plot driven. Not me. I start with a character and take it from there. If I don’t love them, the story doesn’t get finished. And so, I ask you, what characters have taken you to new highs, new lows? Care to share?








8 thoughts on “Just call me Bugs Bunny…

  1. Glad you and your rocking chair are chilling out together. A friend of mine used to give classes on writing techniques by critiquing the movie Thelma and Louise. You can learn a lot from movies.


  2. My current MC is fun. She’s naughty, and snarky and self absorbed and if I knew her in real life I probably wouldn’t trust her farther than I could spit…but…she does lead me along and has driven the story way further than I could ever have taken it alone. Does she inspire me? Not really…that would be bad. But she inspires me to write, to keep picking away at her and her quirks and the whys of her woes 🙂

    And, for the record…I’m a FogHorn LegHorn fan myself…”Dawg, Ah say DAWG…


  3. Joshua, the villain(?) protagonist of my upcoming (eventually) book, scared the living hell out of me. He’s so nice, he’s so honorable and the things he’s doing are so horrible.

    The protagonist I had the most fun with was the God of Potency, who is the narrator of my soon to be released novel “The Potency.” He is my answer to the question “what would happen if you gave unlimited power to Oscar Wilde?”


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