I’m tossing in the glove. White flag up. I surrender already!

You know, I thought I’d be more disappointed if I didn’t “win” NaNo this year, but then I experienced “Break down Sue” this fall and came to some potent revelations. I’m not superwoman. I can’t do it all.

That doesn’t mean I haven’t achieved some pretty good goals – got over 20,000 words drafted on my newest novel, Drift. Got a decent outline, some great characters and a hopeful attitude. I’m a writer. I’ll finish it when I damn well finish it. I’m disciplined. I know how to sit my butt down and write.

Do I sound a bit desperate and defensive?

Sigh. I know there’s still time left in the month, but no energy left in me. So, for now, just picture ole Sue, standing on the side lines, sipping a cup of hot cocoa, cheering all you crazies on.

Go! Go! Go! I say.






14 thoughts on “NaNo loser…

  1. I wont press like because I dont. The whole point is you can only fail by not starting. You have acheived 20 odd thousand! Thousand did yoù hear the size of that thumping on the screen, words which may be used as a novel or you could disect it and use your favorite pieces for a book of shorts, just inspirational. You have more than you started you have made friends and learned lessons, all of this makes you a rounder person. (I dont mean you somehow got fat) just checking cos when yer down and wearing a frown you know what I mean. Go girl you didn’t loose.

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    1. I know right? Why don’t they have a “I feel your pain so I won’t hit ‘like” button?
      I kind of figured I wouldn’t win Nano this year – too much life going on. But you’re right, I did achieve something and I do love this little book. It has a great heroine that I’m already rooting for.
      But enough of me- but I should be cheering you on! Go Ellen! Go Ellen!

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  2. Hahahaha!
    And that’s a friendly, non-taunting HaHa.
    I will admit that I was privileged to peek under that Nano veil of Drift secrecy…and I know there aint no way that one’s dead yet! Your writing is so clean and pointed, no wonder you’re pooped. Yours is done with careful attention and effort, mine, well is a little looser around the edges 🙂
    This is a tough month. Whoever in their sadisticly perfect Nonturkeygreased Ivory tower came up with November as the “one” for this to take place in? The weather is changing, our doggies are trying to adjust, my pool filter froze and exploded, those pesky children expect homework help and at least one square a day…and then there’s crap like family members calling every 5 seconds asking (begging really) to be asked to bring the same flippin covered dish to Thanksgiving at our house that they have each year for the last 15 years! RRRRRRRRR.
    I may snap and fall on to the sideline waving with you. I have (realistically) only about 6 more days left that I can commit to writing with just over 18000 more words left to sling me over the “finish line.”
    Come to think of it, now that I’m all riled up….I may just finish the dang thing outta spite (or something)


    1. I am just LOVING the energy burning off you! I think you can easily surpass 50,000 words (and should count these few hundred. You did write them today, you know)
      So, here’s what I suggest: tell the boring stuffs who want to bring the same old stuff that you’re suddenly allergic to that stuff.
      Give your kids a hug and invite them to plop down next to you with their work while you do yours, explaining before you begin typing of course, that you will no longer be able to string two words together to form a cohesive sentence.
      And the pool guy. Come on, really? He didn’t see winter in the forecast (it is November).
      Thanks for the sweet comment about Drift. I think you are spot on. I’d rather create a clean first draft then let my fingers do the talking. In fact, I just tossed out the last three chapters that were way off track. Better for me to create cleanly. A little effort up front pays off (as I am such a sloooowwwww editor.).
      Go get um girl. and Happy Turkey day!

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  3. I salute your courage and also that you wrote 20,000 words!
    I gave up after 2000 words only! lol!
    Sometimes life gets in the way of our writing schedules, but we are hardcore! right! we’ll very well get there in out own sweet time! 🙂

    PS: I’ll be standing on the side lines next to you, with hot hazelnut cappuccino, cheering other crazies! heheh 😉


  4. You haven’t “lost” (although I love that graphic). You’ve won back precious time and energy. I was so burned out after NaNo 2008 that I didn’t write anything substantive for months. Congratulations for realizing that “winning” NaNo would not have been a win for you!


  5. You can’t win everything. But at least you can try. It’s good you accepted that you won’t be able to make the goal. But are you sitting on the sidelines as in giving up? Or are you just resting, but at times trying to write it still? Does this make sense? At least, there’s always next year- you can try again.


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