There’s Nothing-Something Left

Compelling imagery- haven’t we all felt this way?

Autumn Star

Stick with what you know,
Think outside the box,
Pulled backwards and forwards,
‘Til I give up, there’s nothing left.

Write a metaphor,
No that is all wrong,
Your thoughts mean nothing,
So just give up, there’s nothing left.

You tell me,
Use your imagination.
When I do,
It’s all exaggeration.

It’s all wrong, wrong, wrong.
Nothing I do is right.
Might as well leave it behind.
Lock it away, there’s nothing left.

But I see,
You were keeping me under.
I let go,
It’s all a sweet disaster.

Maybe I will find my wings.
Maybe I will drown too deep.
Whatever maybe, maybe
I won’t give up, find there’s something left.

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About Sue, the YA Author

My passion includes writing and reading contemporary and fantasy young adult books.
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  1. Autumn Star says:

    Thanks for the Reblog 🙂


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