I may have popped some circuits last week….


Howdy yall-
Last week was a bit of a bust for ol Sue (sorry, don’t know why I’m suddenly using a southern accent), but life just pushed itself into my face and refused to be ignored.
My NaNoWrimo word count is low – right now my finish date is December 4th. I might be feeling a bit itchy at that prognosis if I weren’t so in love with this story.
This is one of my favorite characters – plucky, courageous and oh-so-broken.
And so, I may not complete NaNo this year (okay, those who know me know I won’t go down without a fight), but at least I’ll have a draft that feels complete in a way that no other NaNo drafts of mine do.
Sorry for the poorly structured sentences, but that goes along with writing. I call it “NaNospeak,” As in, when I write, I can’t talk. My kids laugh at my mixed and jumbled up words. Need proof? Here’s a sample conversation from just the other day:

“Mom, what’s for dinner,” speaks my youngest daughter.

“Roast potted with side potatoes and salad,” I mumble while furiously pounding on my laptop.

“Roast potted?” She says. “Side potatoes?”

Okay, she knows the drill. I’m writing so I’m talking like an idiot, so I do what I always do– I scramble for the one key word in the sentence.

“Roast!” I scream, proud I remembered the original thread of the conversation.

She leaves the room in a huff and I continue typing beautifully crafted narrative, leaving my husband to catch the pot roast before it burns.

So, the lesson life here is to never talk with Sue when writing she is.




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