What a week. Oy-vey. Too much life for me to indulge in Nano writing. As of yesterday, I was beginning to feel desperate. I was hankering to get on my keyboard and type, but alas, long days at the office  had sapped my computer energy.


This was what I was moaning with my head buried in my hands last night when my sweet teen sitting right next to me says, “Why don’t you use the transcription function on your iphone?”

“Say what?” I say, trying to sound cool and hip, both of which I’m not.

She calmly (okay, she grabbed) my iphone, opened my notes and showed me the little old-fashioned microphone to the left of the space bar (you know, the one you hit and swear and can’t figure out how to shut off or what it does?).

That’s right – it records!!

Being the ever-suspicious old-timer, I gamely pressed the microphone and said “Testing, one two three.”

AND BEHOLD… it typed my words.

Presto! Voila! A little NaNo magic.

She blanched when I screamed mentioned I could use this to dictate my NaNo novel. Probably pictured me wandering around the grocery story, talking into my phone while filling my cart with fifteen bags of cat food (we don’t own a cat).

I laughed calmly assured her  that I would never dream of such a thing…

Would you look at the time? I’ve got to get shopping.

Now. Where’d I put my phone.


8 thoughts on “A little NaNoWrimo magic…

  1. I wonder if my smarty-pants phone would do that? It changes channels on the TV, I do like that part! And yes, it was my (teenage) son who set that one up for me! Ha Ha … Offspring! How did I ever live my life without them?


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