Well, it’s Monday, which in my world means Day Three of Nanowrimo and in blogging world means no time for setting you up with awesome links. I’m imagining this will be the way of it for the next 28 days.

Nano has been going well. I have an aggressive daily word count to prepare for two days of non-nanoing. Tuesdays and Wednesdays simply don’t support free writing. It’s a sad fact of nature that I can’t push myself to sit in front of a computer to write when I’ve already been sitting in front of a computer for seven hours working.

Ah well, it’s all good.

I thought I’d share another step of the the Snowflake Method that’s coming in handy for Nano.

Step 9 – write a plan for each scene. Good old Randy says there are two basic scenes: a proactive scene where the character has 1) a goal 2) a conflict 3) and suffers a setback. A Reactive scene, the character has 1) a reaction 2) faces a dilemma and 4) reaches a decision. I’ve found this helpful when staring at a blank page trying to figure out what comes next. Once I have an idea, I plug it into one of these two scene types and voila! I have a direction.

Hope this tip helps. If not, try chocolate.

that always works for me.




6 thoughts on “Matchless Monday…

  1. First thank you for the interesting helpful post. My day 3 of NaNo is about to begin. I am twitching a bit and sleep is forcing more plots twists and characteristics in my dream. For me that leaves me tired and the damn thing forgotten. So now my point how can people do this and then write blogs, posts, forums, letter’s and other typie wordy things? All day!
    Yesterday I tried to answer a simple question from my husband; I answered with words in my mouth that I had just written. Looking… scared he came back with a cup of tea and a macaroon. (good ploy if you want cosseting) not so good when, one your both on “healthy eating plans” or two you haven’t a clue that you said anything amiss.

    So it’s in awe that I am! In awe of the writer, secretary’s, journalists, proof readers,editors, blog makers, book promoters and greeting card verse makers. And sorry if I missed PA’s. That are also doing the NaNoWriMo. I bow before you all. I like the snowflake reminder also.
    Bye for now.


    1. I’m so glad you are finding this a great experience. There is nothing like the discipline of sitting down each day and writing. Imagine what our writing careers would look like if we could carry that discipline over past November?
      I’m in awe, too, of those who can spend their work time on a computer, and still find time to write.
      Cheers to us writers!

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