Matchmaker Monday and Shameless self promotion…

So, I did it. I completed the illustrations of my second picture book and handed them bad-boys over to their new mama. Sorry for the slang. I’ve been practicing my talk in order to torment my teenager. Apparently, I give her second-hand embarrassment, whatever that means.

But, I digress.

Almost a year ago, I was hired by Karen Sturtevant (yup, this is linked to her website)  to illustrate book two of a lovely series called “Gert and Stu and Zippy too.” In these books, two friends and a tortoise explore the world and have grand adventures using a box to launch their imaginations. It’s done now and how do I feel?

Relieved I was able to hold up my commitment.

Excited to see my paintings in print.

Sad to see it go.

 I thought I’d share a couple of pictures in hopes of drumming up some business for me, um, I mean Karen.

Here’s to goals set and goals achieved!


The adventure begins…



meet Zippy’s new friends…






Off to the races and Gert’s adventure…


Can’t forget about Stu’s fun…


And… the adventure comes to a close!

Karen will have a graphic designer insert the text.  Hopefully, this book will be available for the holidays. She’s currently working on setting up her site with a subscribe button so you can pre-order, but for now you can find her contact information at the bottom of her page…. and the bottom of mine.

Cheers to all of you!


Karen Sturtevant

P.O. Box 5264

Essex Junction, Vermont 05453

she’s also on facebook: The Adventures of Gert & Stu & Zippy too.


About Sue, the YA Author

My passion includes writing and reading contemporary and fantasy young adult books.
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14 Responses to Matchmaker Monday and Shameless self promotion…

  1. I love your illustrations Sue! They’re so whimsical 🙂 And the story sounds like a lot of fun. If I was still a children’s librarian this woul definitely be a book I’d pick for Storytime 🙂 🙂 🙂


  2. Mom says:

    Self promotion totally acceptable when it’s for something this well done! Decorate your car for Christmas…that’s first hand embarrassment –straight up 😉


  3. Judith Post says:

    Your illustrations are just plain awesome!


  4. These are wonderful.. You really have some mad artistic skills.. I’m sure many children will love this book!


  5. OMG! Such wonderful pictures! They are just amazing and so is the name of the book! I really liked it.
    Good work dear 🙂


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