Today, I’m going to talk about stress. As in, do you have too much?

Not me. I’m SuperSue. I can do it all.

Sure I can edit two books, complete 32 illustrations for a picture book, launch an author’s page, prep for Nanowrimo, continue to blog while studying marketing strategies AND maintain a house. My kid needs a ride to school? Gotta pick up groceries? No problem. I can fit that in between meetings and webinars.

Then my back went out and the vertigo came on. Apparently, I’m not SuperSue after all.

So, now I’m adjusting my goals and setting smaller ones. Ones I can easily tackle in a day.

Dishes? Check. No problem.

Two illustrations? Check. Done.

One chapter edited? Nope, no check. Too much. So I try for three pages.

Much better.

One-half hour of market research/author page development.

Check. Check. check.

Gotta simplify and carve time for the important things while still maintaining my health. Let’s face it, I’m not a spring chicken anymore. So, here’s Sue’s life lesson for today: you can do it all. Just in smaller amounts and with extreme prioritizing.

Hopefully with my now stress-free life, I’ll have time to get back on Wattpad and find me some new books to love…

I wish you all the best!

SS (SuperSue)


14 thoughts on “Wattpad Wednesday? Nope, not today.

  1. Perfect! You were starting to make me feel like a lethargic slug…that’s pretty dang close to a coma! Take a little breather, you deserve it Super Sue ❤
    I will now go about my sloth-like business and feel totally better about myself !


      1. I definitely will keep writing even if it’s poetry and lyrics only. It’s what I need to keep myself happy at times and forget work/home/etc probs for a few minutes.


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