small town cover


(Yes, she designed the cover, too)


Wednesdays are wattpad days, so today I’d like to highlight a book that has captured my heart and soul. Small Town Rain, by my daughter, McKenna Bahr.

She is a writer and artist extraordinaire No bias. Really. Here’s an example of her original digital art..



Anyways, McKenna has been working on a wonderful ya contemporary romance and posting chapters as she goes.  She has a mad, devoted following. Readers demanding she UPDATE (lingo translation for you oldies: upload new chapters). I’d like to say everyone should read this story, but I do have to include a spoiler alert: there is most definitely swearing involved and this is a LGBTQ (it’s a love story between two boys). But the characters are so real, the heartbreak and tension so vivid it compels you to read on.

Here’s the opening blurb from the book:

“Some people say they’re fine when they’re not. Some people admit they’re not fine but refuse to change. Ever since his father left them when he was young, Cat Williths has only known resentment and distrust. The only thing that kept him grounded was his mother and a guitar called Betsy. But when his mom dies after Cat’s 16th birthday, Cat is pried from his comfortable city life and thrust into a small, rainy town called Bellview to live with his dad and his girlfriend.
Enter Bo. Eighteen but tied to his families restaraunt in Bellview, Bo lives his life under the thumb of vicious bullies but refuses to fight back. He won’t hurt anyone the way he’s been hurt before. Instead, he wears a smile proudly over a broken heart. In order to survive life in Bellview, they must form an unexpected relationship and help each other see the rainbow over the dark clouds that surrounds their lives, and maybe end up with a bond that can’t be broken, even amidst the strongest storms.”
I have McKenna to thank for wattpad. (You didn’t seriously think I’d stumbled upon this awesome site all by myself? If you want to find current, happening social media sites, you ask a teenager.) Why not head over and enjoy? Maybe leave a comment or two. Or, if it’s not your cup of tea, let your teenager know about it.
I’m sure they’re alreday on wattpad.

6 thoughts on “Wattpad Wednesdays, up next… my daughter!

  1. Sue.. I did not know this was your blog.. you sneaky noodle you 🙂
    As for you daughter’s writing, yes indeed, that is something to be proud of.. tell her I said “Keep writing” and keep sharing her stories. Very good indeed 🙂


    1. I am a sneaky noodle! Started blogging again and thought you might not know who “Sue” was.
      And thanks for the comment on McKenna’s writing – I passed it along to her with a smile. She’s working on the next chapter as we speak. So wonderful to have this in common.
      My best to you!
      Sue (aka the little noodle)


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