We’ve all had them. Days that are loaded with potential. Goals are written. Time is cleared away to reach them. And  then everything goes to hell with one misstep.

Who knew lifting a foot could shoot your back out? Sigh. It sucks getting old.

I had drawings to accomplish, a chapter to edit, a blog post to write…. Well, at least I’m getting one thing accomplished before heading out to see my every trustworthy chiropractor.

I guess it comes down to, making do with the day. The illustrations will have to wait. The book’s not going anywhere. I, however, am left with time to rest and recuperate and… ruminate. I live a frenetic life. I keep a pace that makes ME dizzy. The analogy of a dog chasing it’s tail doesn’t work – even my pooch is content to hang out and chill.

So, here’s my life lesson: Honor yourself. Take the time to nurture and relax or your body will order you to. And it won’t be pretty when it does.

Trust me, walking bent over is not fun.

I hope for all of you… peace in the midst of the storms of life. A calm, quiet mind as you spend time with your loved ones. And compassion if you are suffering.

My best to you,



6 thoughts on “Making do with the day…

  1. Oh Poopsie take care of yourself! For reasons like this I’ve given up high heels, heavy handbags and most all of my other joys in life. Getting old does suck…but it beats the alternative 🙂


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