Here’s the cover of Judith’s wonderful book.



Well, it hump day. Got the mid-week blues? If you’re like me, you need a good read, so why not head over to wattpad and check out Judith Post’s awesome book, Fabric of Life.

Judith writes urban fantasies that are FANTASTIC. You can find her blog on wordpress ( where she shares great tips and insider information (and it’s all legal. Trust me).

She’s published on  Here is a sample review of one of her books:

“Gods and Goddesses, Demi gods, and more Paranormals than you can count! A mix of Norse and Greek myths come to life and take you on a wild ride. This is simply extremely well done with a great plot, lots of twists and traitors. Come to envision the epic battles only the Immortals can provide. Well worth the read! I won’t get into describing the story as you can read the synopsis for that kind of description. What I liked best was the mix of mortal and immortal struggling together and working mostly in harmony. I would certainly like living in this world even though it is a rough one compared to our luxuries. Bravo!”

Why not drop in and give her some love? And if you’re on wattpad, why not let me know. I’d love to highlight your work.








3 thoughts on “Wattpad Wednesday… next up, Judith Post

  1. Thank you so much! You make my writing sound really good. The novel on Wattpad is FABRIC OF LIFE, though. Have a great Hump Day! Mine’s going to be awesome. I have writers’ group today.


    1. oops and fixed. Sorry about that! I tried to do all these links, but then they showed up with my dashboard. Not good. So, I went for the more basic version. Please let me know if everything is kosher there.
      Yes, it’s going to be a good day for me, too. Got my writer’s group tonight also!
      Yeah us!


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