Twenty-six days. That’s how long you have to plot and plan your next great novel, for in twenty-six short days, November 1st will be here and then the madness that is NANOWRIMO will begin. This mishmash of unpronounceable letters stands for “National Novel Writing Month” and it happens every year on-line.

The gist is this: you sign in and sign up, set up a daily word goal (1666 per day to reach 50,000 words and win a couple of free copies of your work from createspace). You can chart your progress. You can forum with other writers. You can pull your hair out along with thousands of other wannabees.

I’ve been mulling over my next book and yes, this one, like the last two I’ve completed, will be drafted in thirty days.

Thirty days of mayhem, of extreme highs and ultimate lows. So, why do it?

Some call it discipline.  I like to call it traction.

There’s something about setting goals and achieving them to give you confidence. For this month, I experience sheer creativity. I write hot and fast. The words don’t always make sense, but somewhere along the way they come together and suddenly, I have a rough, completely unmarketable draft.

Who cares if I call the character “Betty” in one chapter and “Bernice” in another? Who cares that I forget a major plot line or the characters are acting stupid and not at all lifelike?

As my daughter loves to remind me when I moan and point out all the flaws…

this is National WRITE a novel, not EDIT a novel.

So, care to join me? Sleep is highly overrated…





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