I had every intention of launching “Free Write Friday” yesterday, but then life caught up with me. Too many plates spinning made my HEAD spin. I’m currently illustrating picture book number two, revising two stories, preparing for NANOWRIMO and creating an author’s website. Did I mention I was busy?

photo (6)

(here’s a sneak peek of book number two…)

So I thought for today, I’d keep it simple and share some fall pics with you. These were taken but a few days ago. Now, with the hellacious wind and oncoming rain, the color’s mostly on the ground. I am preparing, you see, for the gray and the brown and soon, as my dad says, the white.

For now, please enjoy. These colors are but a memory now… so sad. So sad.



red leaf


golden tree


This golden birch is one of my favorites. My girls used to run outside and chase the leaves as they fell)



This is what it looks like now. 


I wish for all of you, a peaceful Saturday. May the wind carry inspiration and hope to you.




2 thoughts on “A lovely, slow Saturday for Sue…

  1. Oh I love the little Turtle guy! Our leaves are just starting in Central Indiana, In NC they’ve barely begun changing. This is by far my favorite time of the year. The colors are so vibrant they’re unnameable! And everybody in the house quits sneezing for just a little while!


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