Wattpad Wednesays. Where I will share some of my writing, and highlight some great stories that can be found on this awesome author site. I will also help you navigate wattpad and give you some tips on how to upload your own stories. 

So…deep breath…ready?




This has nothing to do with my book. But isn’t it pretty?

You can find free stock photos on Pixabay


I’ve been working on a young adult fantasy for nearly two years now. Two years of chewing on erasers, hitting the backspace key and meeting with treasured writer friends is finally paying off.

I’ve found it. That elusive thing called voice.

Fairless began in first person. About half way through my first draft, I realized my protagonist wasn’t just cheeky, she was irritating. So… I copied the doc and started again in third person.

Much better. Now I could gain some distance and get a handle on this young woman named Tipper.

The draft complete, I proceeded to edit, sifting through loads of repetitive words like… struggle and away. And really, does anyone say really so much?

Edits complete, I met with three wonderful writer buds who helped read and break down this story, chapter by chapter this summer. And what fun it was!

I learned what was working (great pacing, tension, dialogue. Turns out I’m not too shabby at action scenes. Who knew?) and what wasn’t (Tipper was flat, static and in desperate need of a character arc. And my world building was leaving them clueless. Who knew I wasn’t good at that?)

And so, I went back to first person. Only this time it’s also in present tense. And now I am learning to trust Tipper. She knows her story. She knows when she’s ready to change and grow and tackle her demons. I just have to get out of the way.

Care to read? Here are the first few chapters of Fairless.

Thanks for stopping by. Are you on wattpad? Let me know–I will be highlighting other stories in future posts. Come on. Don’t be shy!






2 thoughts on “Wattpad Wednesday…first up, Sue

    1. Now THAT means a lot to me. I’ve only shared little of Tipper with my local writing group. thank you!
      And the cover was done by my uber talented daughter, McKenna. I passed that compliment right along.


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