So, speaking of teaching an old dog, I’ve been messing around this week with photo editing. I need some rough covers to put on wattpad and my daughter is super busy with school… and well, let’s just say I am not the most patient of persons.

But I am the smartest, at least when it comes to figuring out how to squeeze a few moments of said daughter’s attention and garner some guidance as I voyage into the unknown.

I call it “photoshopping” as in, changing a photo to suit your needs. My daughter informes me with a touch of snark, that since we aren’t using “Photoshop” it’s not photoshopping. Well, I’m inventing a new word. Just Google it and you’ll see. “Photoshopping” now means changing a photo to suit one’s needs.

Okay, back to the task at hand. I haven’t been in love with my MEI (might Irish epic) cover. So I stumbled on this photo on pixabay. (a great site to find free stock photos. No credit needed)


inspiration-422396_1920 (1)


And I thought – how cool.  I asked my daughter if I could use the Paint program to change things up. She sighed, okay, she rolled her eyes and heaved herself over the couch to set me up on a decent on-line photoshopping site. It’s called In this place you can upload the photo, change it’s overall quality (colors, light and dark, hues). Then you save the new pic to your computer and go to this site: Now you upload the newest version and go to town. I don’t have time to go over the tools, just use the “clone stamp tool” . Hit the  ctrl and copy a color. This let me do this:



See? The rope is now gone! And no more cell phone!


Now, for those of you that are familiar with my MEI, you know it’s an historical. This chick is wearing jeans . No problem. Using that same tool, I clicked on the woman’s siloquette and did this.

silhouette 4


Yup. I’m mighty proud of this old brain. But wait, It’s not done. Time to crop the image and add some type. Using the same site, this is what IIIII did. (notice the emphasis)

Summoned cover 2

  (although I have also been informed that I can’t use “Papyrus” font. It’s SOOOO done…)



Wanna see more? Say yes. Okay! Here’s the next cover I’m working on. Its another historical romance loosely based on my French Great Grandfather, Noel Blain.

Here’s the first image:




And here’s my “finished” cover:

The Guardian cover 2


I know, they are rough and not really publishable. But they give me satisfaction. They give me bragging rights. They prove you CAN teach an old dog new tricks.

Now, if I can just get her to clean her room….




6 thoughts on “what’s in a picture….

      1. If she’s like my girls, that won’t take long…if it happens at all:) What do they say about teenagers? That they need to have chaos around them to reflect the chaotic feelings inside?


      2. I’ll go with they create chaos to keep their parents on their toes!
        She’s a great kid. Just overwhelmed with school (she’s been homeschooled up to now. Starting school as a Junior isn’t easy.)


  1. Oh I could spend hours poodling around on this! What fun! I just edit mine on my cell phone (and I wonder why it’s marching rapidly toward a premature death!). I can’t believe the change in the first one. I wonder if I could slim myself down in recent family photos? Oh this could be the beginning of some very lost, very wasted, but absolutely entrancing hours spent! Haha! sorry laundry pile! Mom’s got a new obsession!


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