tea cup


Well, it’s quiet in the wordpress warehouse right now. Quiet, except for the soft murmuring of other bloggers as they turn off their computers and shuffle toward their cars, ready to get some shut eye.

But I am awake. Darkness surrounds the little world I’ve carved out for myself, but it brings no peace tonight.

I’m thinking of my mom and how much I miss her and the silence that’s settled into my soul with her passing just over a year ago.  I finger one of her cherished tea cups. And I think, that maybe if I type these words and send them into the cyber world, somehow they’ll reach her. I can tell her how much she’s missed. How proud she would be of my girls and how they’ve survived the worst calamity of their young lives–losing their Nana. I can keep her alive by letting others know, I am who I am because of her.

I am a writer. An artist. A mother and wife. I’m Sue. I’m your daughter, forever.

As I rise from my chair, finally ready to turn out the light, I want to thank you, my cyber friends, for letting me indulge in a moment of nostalgia.



 I wish you could’ve met her. She was the best.



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