Don’t ya just love it? Pic taken by moi, cover design by my uber-talented daughter.


So, I’ve finally launched my story(ies) into the cyber world. Uploaded first chapters for two of my WIPs on Wattpad. Hit the publish button and heaved a sigh. What could go wrong, right? So, what am I really afraid of?

They say you should use lists when writing a post. Since “they” know best, here is my answer, properly formatted of course.

1) Nasty comments. Made snarkier by teens who don’t get my characters. Or story. Or any point I’m trying to make.

2) No comments. As in no one is reading my stuff. As in it has no value to this crowded, crazy world. Really. This is a big issue for me. How sad is that?

3) Too many comments. As when it goes viral and suddenly I am signing autographs, and flying to California or ComicCon or whatever the hell it’s called, leaving my family sitting at the dinner table, forks in hand saying something like,  What’s for dinner? Did mom go somewhere? 

4) I think  three issues are enough. Don’t want to appear too desperate when I give you links to visit my site and read my chapters and leave a comment. Not that I’m asking.


Okay, I’m asking.




8 thoughts on “Heaving a sigh…

  1. Nice cover. I need to head over to Wattpad (never heard of it before). I like your humor, Sue.

    I find that many read my posts without making comments. I keep a list of old students, people at church, acquaintances, etc. that I’ve run into in public who say they’re reading, but they’ve never once left a comment. The list is getting long. Remember that when you submit, editors will sneak over for a read, too. 🙂 Keep writing!


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