I’d like to pass along my thanks to Judith Post over at http://writingmusings.wordpress.com/ for highlighting my new blog and inviting me to participate in the World Blog Tour. Judith is a seamless writer. Her stories read effortlessly which means of course, that she has dedicated copious amounts of time developing her craft! Her books have a paranormal twist and draw upon Greek/Roman and Norse mythology. You can find them on amazon.com. Great reading, I promise!

And now a smidge about me…

I’ve been writing for about 3 years. Throughout that time, I have completed 3 drafted novels and learned a whole lot about crafting a story. As in, wow, I really didn’t know what I was doing when I started!

In answer of the four most burning questions about my writing…

What am I currently working on?



Two young adult fantasies. I love fantasies (can you tell from my blog?). One is set in a Medieval type world, the other in 16th century Ireland. Both are in the editing phase and I am blessed to have the help of beta readers and a local writing group helping me with that process. It takes a village to raise a child. It takes an army of dedicated, like-minded soldiers to write a book.


How Does My Work Differ From Others Of This Genre?


I follow the universal story for plotting. I guess that makes me a mainstream kind of writer. I want my readers to feel comfortable and forget I’m even there. I believe the way to achieve that is to study and use the typical story format. That being said, I believe every story is unique. Every character needs their own voice. It’s my goal to create sympathetic characters and write stories that grab a reader’s heart. I want them to love my book.


Why Do I Write What I Write?



I write  what I want to read and I enjoy reading young adult books, especially fantasy. All have to have some kind of romance plot woven through the story. I’m also enthralled with Irish history, so expect to find elements of the Irish in each of my book.



How Does My Writing Process Work?


My writing process is a work in process. I’m learning as I go. I’m currently developing a new book. That involves mulling over major plot points, spending time with the protagonist learning their hopes, dreams and fears. Once I have the idea developed, I’ll spend time outlining (and squirming in my seat) the major points. Once that agony is over I grab a chocolate bar to celebrate and just let it fly! I’ve learned from my vast mistakes, to complete the draft  BEFORE editing. Sounds like a no-brainer, but I bet some of you out there can’t move forward without tweaking each chapter. Okay, so I tweak, but only a little.

I’ll leave you with some of the best advice I’ve stumbled upon:

Write hot, edit cool.

When creating that amazing first draft, let the words flow. Be bold. Be passionate. Tell, don’t show on your first draft! Showing is for the second draft! And, by all means, use lots and lots of exclamation marks if it makes your blood pump hot in your veins and it translates into your writing!!!!!!

You can always delete them later.


I’d  like to thank Judith Post for the invitation to talk about me. I love talking about  me, but now I’ll take my bow and move on…

I’d like to invite you visit two other blog/writers. “Mom”  at Maybe Someone Should Write That Down- http://youwhoineverknew.wordpress.com/ Mom  shares her passion for family stories and genealogy. Her enthusiasm shines through her posts!  So, why not head over? Grab a spot o-tea and enjoy a wonderful read!

The other blog I’d like to invite you to visit is Laura at- http://lauraryanfedelia.wordpress.com/   She has written and published a book called “The Box”  (which is available on Amazon.com). It’s a modern day take on Pandora. Laura’s story is fun, compelling and her dialogue is witty and wonderful! A great read, I promise!

So there you have it. I’ll leave you with Judith’s cheery words-

Happy Writing All! (and sorry for the cheesy images. I just can’t resist.)






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