I am a Kindle fanatic. I know I betray all things traditional by admitting it. Still, there’s something to be said for having instant access to a book. I love trying samples. I also find it a valuable resource for learning the craft of writing.

This week I stumbled on a little gem called, Tell, Don’t Show! by James Lofquist. The title grabbed me. I downloaded it and dove inside.

scribbling-152216_640Imagine the joy in being given flat-out permission to tell. How often have you struggled with your first draft? Struggled to find the perfect way to launch your reader into this incredible world that exists only in your imagination?

Here’s how it goes in Sue’s world:

I write a sentence, something like: “Sylvia’s arm itched.” Then I hit the back space and write, “Sylvia itched her arm.” Then I press forward, always thinking but why? Why does her arm itch? So I go back and add more: “Sylvia itched her arm. This hot July day was doing nothing for her complexion or her hair.”

Get it? See how it slows you down?  Mr. Lofquist suggest you should let the words flow. Let the first draft come out fast and furious. Let telling happen. Just like the song from a movie I don’t need to name: Let it Go!

I’m still in the early phase of my career as an author, but how I wish I had read this book first. Imagine all the hours I would’ve saved micro-managing my first drafts, trying to add depth and drama. Trying to SHOW and not TELL.

So, what do you think?  Wanna give it a try? How can you go wrong for $1,49?  Here’s a shortened link to the e-book  found on Amazon. 

Happy telling!




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